How Do You Become a Macro Manager?

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A macro manager is an opposite of a micromanager.

Instead of focusing on tactics and tasks, they focus on results and goals.

A macro manager is a leader who allows employees to carry out their responsibilities independently. Such managers are more concerned with the results obtained by the employees’ inputs rather than the day-to-day habits of their subordinates.

Those managers embrace the big picture and empower team members to use their skills and creativity to accomplish the best work. They are confident that employees are capable of completing their assigned roles without being constantly reminded and monitored.

Micromanagers give instructions on how work should be done and closely observe and monitor every step their employees take. Micromanagers are associated with short-term results but may hurt employee and company morale over time.

Unfortunately, there are too many micromanagers vs. macro managers, and this is because it is easier, and more familiar to new managers, and it feeds your ego.

What can you do to convert to a macro manager?

· Clarify roles and responsibilities on your team

· Provide context and how the work/project is contributing to the larger team and company goals

· Communicate clear goals and expectations

· Trust your team on how to get it done

· Remain present. Macro management gives your employees control of their work, but you still need to be available for problem-solving and support if required.

Leaders today are under more pressure than ever to produce results. With the complexity of the modern workplace and the high expectations of workers, it can be tempting for leaders to try to control every aspect of their team’s work. However, this micromanaging approach can actually damage employee engagement and productivity.

Instead, leaders should focus on providing just the structure and support necessary to help employees succeed. This may mean setting clear expectations, offering feedback and coaching, and removing obstacles that stand in the way of success. By taking a hands-off approach, leaders can help their teams thrive while freeing up their time to focus on more strategic tasks.

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