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Leadership Identity

Feeling uncertain about your leadership style and struggling to establish a strong leadership identity that resonates with both yourself and your team.

Executive Presence

Grappling with the challenge of projecting confidence, credibility, and authority in high-stakes situations, such as presentations, negotiations, and executive-level interactions.

Effective Communication Skills

Struggling to effectively communicate expectations, provide feedback, manage conflicts, and foster open and transparent communication with team members, and stakeholders.

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Gita Rader, ICF Certified Executive Coach for Leaders in Tech

I Get It…

As an experienced leadership and executive coach in the technology industry, I understand the importance of trust in the coaching process, which is why I bring decades of firsthand experience to the table.

Being an ICF Certified Leadership and Executive Coach, I specialize in unlocking the greatest potential of professionals in the technology field.

With almost 20 years of experience in software development, specializing in HR outsourcing and providing services for Fortune 500 companies, my career has spanned various roles from Software QA engineer to Senior Technology Analyst, to management positions leading large global virtual teams.

Alongside my MBA and being an experienced PMP-certified Project Manager, this comprehensive background allows me to provide valuable insights and guidance to emerging leaders, managers, and senior directors seeking excellence in their leadership roles.

As an immigrant and first-generation college graduate, I am deeply passionate about supporting other immigrants and minority groups in their tech careers. My mission is to leverage my experience, expertise, and unique perspective to empower others, recognize their strengths and help them achieve their goals.

With a commitment to client success, I offer coaching services globally through phone, video conference, and in-person sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area. My coaching approach encompasses both professional and personal growth, enabling my clients to unleash their full potential as leaders and individuals. Ultimately, my greatest purpose is cultivating care, kindness, and humanity in the workplace.

Let’s embark on a transformative coaching journey together and unlock your true leadership potential.

Signature Coaching Program

One-on-One Leadership Coaching and Training

Individual leadership coaching goes beyond surface-level problem-solving, providing profound insights that help you overcome challenges with effective solutions. It expands your thinking, encouraging you to consider diverse perspectives and uncover deeper issues. Through coaching, your communication skills sharpen, bringing clarity and impact to your messages. Most importantly, coaching empowers you to unleash your best work.

As a leader, when you experience the power of coaching, you bring newfound skills and perspectives to your teams, fostering a coaching culture throughout your organization. It’s a ripple effect that drives growth and elevates performance at every level.

During our coaching sessions, I prioritize active listening, asking the right questions, and collaborating with you to develop actionable strategies for progress. I create a supportive environment where self-awareness is nurtured, enabling vital changes to take root. Together, we will maximize your abilities to lead your teams and organization with excellence.

Through leadership coaching, you will become an effective leader who builds trust and inspires full engagement from everyone around you. We will focus on developing the human side of leadership, enhancing your executive presence, and elevating your communication skills. The result? You will transform into a confident, impactful leader who leaves a lasting, positive mark.

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